Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tommy Sandling

Little happens in the town of Laverstone. Nothing more noteworthy than could be adequately covered by the Laverstone Times, at any rate. The birth (and sudden death) of the antichrist went unreported, as did the arrival from Calcutta of the Goddess Kali and her entourage. The existence of a convent of nun-assassins was unremarked, as was its subsequent disbanding and renovation as a paranormal research centre. The bi-annual incursions from the land of Faerry get a brief mention in the ‘missing persons’ column and the spectacular and gory death of a traveling salesman warranted only an inch or two on page five.

The opportunity for a news flash is not lost on Mrs. Purbright, however. A grab of the arm and a furtively whispered ‘Did you hear about…” is the essence of village life.

Tommy Sandling, the son of Edward Standling and Glenda, his wife of 32 years, was born on the 17th July 1983. He led an unremarkable life, achieving average grades at an average school and gaining an average degree in economics and an MBA in Business Studies. At the age of 23 he opened a small shop on the High Street, coincidentally leasing one of the units that used to form part of a second-hand emporium.

His disappearance earlier this year was remarked upon by the Times on pages two and seven. Glenda called the police who instigated a county wide search to no avail and Edward offered a modest reward for information as to his whereabouts.

Nobody listened to Mrs. Purbright.

“Have you heard? Tommy Sandling’s shop was open yesterday and there he was, right as rain, selling groceries that were fifty years out of date.”


aims said...

My thoughts?

Tommy didn't go anywhere - the town did....

Leatherdykeuk said...

Very perceptive of you!