Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Workspace Wednesday

I saw this on Josephine Damian's site: Workspace Wednesday. So I thought I's share mine as well. Not a lot of difference to the one a year ago, with the exception of the cigarettes since I gave up 29 weeks ago (go me!)

I'm not really sure if you can make out the numbers bit but you can click on the photos for a full size version. Starting at the top left and going roughly left to right:

1. The foot of an out-of-sight witch puppet K bought me a few years ago.
2. A shelf of special things - mostly gifts from friends.
3. Stuff I can't throw away
4. Books in my 'To Be Read ASAP piles
5. A mug of tea
6. Reception desk bell to be rung when I want more tea.
7. Picture of K and an old dog, Jester.
8. Dagger (sharp)
9. 'Parts of a sai' diagram
10. Atemi points diagram
11. Mirror made from beach combings and now used as an altar.
12. Bunny ears (two pairs)
13. Nunchka (four sets of various weights)
14. Katana (sharp)

Jasfoup's nipped out for a soul. He'll be back shortly.


aims said...

You quit smoking!! Hooray!! Throwing hands up in the air - Hooray!!

Oh - and great pics btw! Very interesting to compare with the first one I looked at. All those fuzzy things.

(looking around my desk) the only fuzzy things I see on my desk are - some feathery fuzz on top of a pen that Tigger sits on. And - the fuzzy stuff I put on a pair of slippers I've made for a kit I'm going to sell and the slippers are sitting on my desk waiting for The Man to help set up a light box so we can take pics of the items.

That's me...that's it.

Leatherdykeuk said...

I quit last November, when I broke my ankle.

Fluffy things? Just the hair bobbles, I think

aims said...

That's even more impressive. Sitting around with a broken ankle and thinking of something to do...and quitting! Whoowee....

I quit the second they told me I had bladder cancer.

Horrible vile things. The money those bastards rake in for killing us slowly.

Leatherdykeuk said...

It was the day i had to have the operation. I thought 'I can't smoke in hospital so I'll quit now' and I did.

Olga/Maddie said...

It was wonderful to see your work space (by way of these photos). *big smile*

And thanks for sharing this with us, as it's most appreciated. *big big smile*

Hope that you and yours are doing all right, that things are going okay, and that today goes all right for you all.

Hugs, lovies, and stuffs for you all. *HG*

God bless and take care. :).