Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ducked Bills

Harold didn’t like the new additions to the lake. “They look too real,” he said.

“They aren’t real,” said Jasfoup, “they’re just constructs. I got the idea from that golem Twilight made. Think of them as garden ornaments.”

“It’s hard to imaging them as gnomes,” said Harold. “I don’t even like gnomes but I’d rather have a cheery face and a fishing rod than those things. They act as if they’re real.”

“Look on the bright side, Harold.” Jasfoup grinned. “They’ll scare avay trespassers and herons and they won’t eat the fish.”

“All good points,” said Harold, “but that doesn’t explain the fine I got from the Fisheries Department for keeping crocodiles.”


aims said...

Damn! I need some of those for the pool! They beat the hell out of the terracotta warriors we picked up yesterday for the garden...

I'll have to take a pic..

Leatherdykeuk said...

Please do!