Friday, July 18, 2008

Good for Relieving My Tension

Jasfoup hunkered down and surveyed the homunculus. “Typical of him,” he said. “He had to make the bugger out of metal, didn’t he? He couldn’t have stuck to the traditional clay.”

“So how do we destroy it?” Harold looked at the eyes, glowing the coal red of a magical being. “It’s not made of paper. It won’t melt.”

“Indeed not.” Jasfoup looked at him oddly. “I have to confess that I’m stumped. It’s not like it has a lift-off lid.”

“We could melt it,” Valerie suggested.

Jasfoup looked skeptical. “Melt it in what?”

“A melting pot, obviously.” Valerie sneered. “There’s one at Twilight Pareseuticals.”

“Why did he make a huge metal man and then animate it with ancient homunculi spells?” asked Harold. “It isn’t right.”

“It’s in the perfect image of Steve Lowry,” said Jasfoup, “and will obey any command given it.”


“Perhaps the real Steve turned him down.”


aims said...

So I googled Steve Lowry and came up with 2 choices. One was a country singer who looks a little like John Denver - and the other was showing all the pages from a school yearbook (North Luffenham?)

Hmmm....reminds me of the metal man from that -now it's a tv show - where the kid is going to save the future world...dammit - my mind's a blank....

Leatherdykeuk said...

Steven Lowry is the character in ABLS that gets killed and used to make a homunculus - not a real-life character at all - and the film / TV series id probably 'Terminator' or ' The Sarah Connor Chronicles' which is where I nicked the image from ;)

aims said...

Yup!! That's it! Now I have to google homunculus.....

Leatherdykeuk said...

A little man animated with magic.