Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How To Fall

It is an act of sedition to distribute pamphlets in Heaven. The Celestial Garden is a haven of calm and beauty. No music sullies the peace. No children playing, no clatter of lawnmowers on a summer evening.

Of those angels who resisted Lucifer’s call, many regretted their actions. With Lucifer, Azazel and Beelzebub gone, eternity became the quiet of solitary contemplation or the chorus of Hosannas in the Hall of Praises. There was no middle ground.

There are no posters in Heaven – the clatter of the press, or even the whirr of a modern laser printer, would attract the wrath of the Seraph Gabriel and his band of Virtues. Purgatory is a long way from Heaven and difficult to contemplate. Even the mortals who reach the Shining Gates do so with relief that their journey through it is over.

Imagine the speed of a forest fire through a pine grove; hissing and spitting as it raced along pitch and amber. That was the speed with which the pamphlet How to Fall was passed from Grigori to cherub, angel to Seraph. A quiet unrest began – a whisper here, a snatch of song there, the rise and fall of a pentatonic scale as a oft breeze disturbed the precise placement of leaves in the Glorious Wood.

One by one they Fell.

Angels with their wings torn away, angels with their throats hacked out, angels with their fingers removed to prevent the plucking of a harp.

One by one they Fell.

To Earth.


aims said...

And Who was behind this pamphlet in the first place?!

Heaven sounds almost like a hell all of it's own. Or like solitary confinement. Or a box.

Is that the box the Christians are in? (do you know that joke?)

Leatherdykeuk said...

Lucifer, of course :)

Pleasure is hedonism, thus heaven cannot be a place of pleasure. If Chaos is mutable, Law is stagnant.

No - I don't know that joke, sorry!