Thursday, July 31, 2008

Middle Englander

“Have I got any siblings?” asked Harold as he perused the Great Hall with its four centuries of Waters Family portraits. He paused before a tiny portrait of Lord Aubrey Waters (1785-1836), his seven children, none of whom survived childhood, and his sister who stood half in shadow.

“You’re the son of Lucifer,” said Jasfoup. “There can be only one son of Lucifer at a time.”

“Is that apart from Cain?”

“Living sons, I should have said.”

“That’s a pity.” Harold passed on to the portrait of Lady Amelia Waters (1784 – 1851) who had the same glint in her eyes as she had in the previous portrait painted twenty years earlier.

“It’s for the best,” Jasfoup said. “You were never good at sharing.” He turned away, grateful that Harold had missed the semantics of ‘sons’ and had not enquired about daughters.

Portrait: Julia Louise Bosville: 'Lady Middleton'


aims said...

AHah! Daughters?

Where could Jasfoup be going with this thought.

We all know his mind is twisted and he loves the double

aims said...

oh btw - Lady Middleton's dress? To die for!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Any daughter of Lucifer's would be the antichrist, and he can't allow one of those to survive to maturity (else the world would end).

I heartily concur about the dress!