Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Answer

“Would anyone like an ice lolly?” Jasfoup, uncharacteristically generous, made the rash statement as they crossed the park.

“Yes please,” Felicia and Julie said in unison.

“May I have a ’99 instead?” asked Harold.

“Instead of what?” said Jasfoup.

“Instead of the ice lollies you’re buying.”

“I’m not buying ice lollies.” Jasfoup splayed his fingers. “I merely asked if anyone would like one. I made no offer of purchase.”

Harold’s face clouded. “Ask not such hypothetical questions,” he said, “For you terry with my sense of justice.”

“I like a good bit of tarry,” said Jasfoup.

“For Pete’s sake!” said Felicia. “Here’s a tenner, Harold, get us all a 99.”

“Thanks, Fliss.” Harold grinned. “What about big meany?”

“He never answered his own hypothetical question,” she said, “so he can go without.”

“Hey,” said the demon. “It was rhetorical, not hypothetical.”


aims said...

Perhaps Big Meany and Farty Poo Face shouldn't hang out together for a while....

Leatherdykeuk said...

You might be right!