Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Optimist

“Why are you such a pessimist, Harold?” Jasfoup cut carefully around a money off token in the evening paper. “All I said was ‘Global Warming’ and you’re ready to buy a mountain.”

“I’m not a pessimist,” said Harold, filling a tall glass with milk from the fridge. “I merely have foresight. Global warming could change the face of the earth in as little as thirty years. Laverstone would be under water.”

“Rubbish.” Jasfoup sniffed. “The average temperature of the earth is 0.6 degrees colder than last year. God’s making Ice Age 3.”

“What utter rot.” Harold sat at the table.

“Is it? I’m wearing a jumper in July.” Jasfoup picked up Harold’s glass of milk. “I’ll prove you’re a pessimist,” he said. “Watch.” He drank half the milk and put the glass down again.

“You’ve drunk half my milk,” said Harold. “I hate you sometimes.”

“On the contrary, old chap,” said the demon, grinning. “I’ve left the glass half full.”


aims said...

I see that Jasfoup and my brother have at least one thing in common. The ice age idea.

The glass half full - definitely not my brother...but now Harold has to drink backwash...ugh....

Leatherdykeuk said...

It won't be the first time he's shared spit with Jasfoup ;)

DJ Kirkby said...

Great ending, soooo clever! I love this blog!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you :)