Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Harold stormed back into the shop, slamming the door and making a face at it before taking a deep breath and walking over to Julie’s desk.

“Here’s you double espresso latte macchiato,” he said, handing her a cardboard cup from a cardboard tray. “Pink in, green out. Pink in, breath out.”

“Why are you filled with bilious thoughts?” Julie asked, popping the lid off her coffee and adding a sweetened from her desk drawer. “I thought you liked doing the coffee run.”

“I do, normally.” Harold put the tray down. “Using these waxed cups is so wasteful, though. I washed out all the ones we used last week and took them back. The little so-and-so on the counter said she couldn’t use them”

“Not hygienic, probably,” said Julie.

“Not hygienic, apparently.” Harold raised his fingers, zen-like. “Who does she think uses them? Demons?”

“They do.”

“Yes, but she doesn’t know that.”


aims said...

Poor Harold...his heart is in the right place though - isn't it?

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

And so is his sense of humour.

While I'm here, thank you for your terrific comment on my blog this week, I think it is a serious contender for Favourite Comment On My Blog, and deeply impressive as a combination of compliment, perfect haiku, and fairy godmother type blessing. If I ever need to recruit a fairy godmother, you can be sure the job description will be written to fit you.

Leatherdykeuk said...

In a pickle jar in the fridge, Aims, yes. :)

Zinnia - It was my pleasure. You know how much I admire you and you work.

DJ Kirkby said...

Pink in, green out, hah, good.. I like it.

Leatherdykeuk said...

I learned that in stress management in the nineties