Friday, July 11, 2008

They are not the same thing, no.

Jasfoup scowled at the supermarket cashier. “That’s a bit steep, isn’t it? I bought exactly the same basket of shopping last week and it was half that much.”

The sales girl regarded him from beneath twin bars of mascara-encrusted lashes. “Not my fault, is it?”

“I shall tell the manager,” Jasfoup said, getting out his purse.*

“Am I bothered?” She held out her claw. “Forty five.”

Jasfoup grumbled but counted out coins. “What went up so quickly?” he asked.

“It’s the high price of honour, ain’t it?” Gum moved from one side of her snout to the other. “Scarcity of supply drives prices upwards. Basic economics, that.”

“Indeed.” Jasfoup took his receipt and scrutinized it. “I see you’ve charged me for humility twice.”

“S’right.” She was already dealing with the next customer, a minor demon Jasfoup recalled worked in level five. “Ain’t you humiliated enough yet?”

*Yes, Jasfoup has a purse. 'Look after the pennies,' he says...


aims said...

What a twist! I've read it twice now and laughed each time.

Not a Jasfoup's purse....never that - no not me.

But at him buying honour (and humility).

Gosh - our supermarkets are soooo mundane.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Well where else would the extracted essences of mortals go? I recall a story a long time ago where a bunch of demons were distilling pure evil from tortured souls.

aims said...

Now that beats a witch's brew!