Friday, September 19, 2008

Chance Meeting

“Mr. Jasfoup!” Frederick smiled. “I though you said you couldn’t make it into town today? Mr. Jasfoup?” He nudged the demon, who gave a start and stepped back a pace. “Back with us now? I swear, you were looking right through me.”

“Frederick?” Jasfoup frowned at the solid appearance of his old friend. “I’m sorry. I didn’t recognize you.”

“Don’t be absurd.” Frederick clapped him on the shoulder. “I only saw you this morning.”

“Good for you.” Jasfoup smiled. “Perhaps I could buy you a cup of tea.”

“A small whisky wouldn’t go amiss.” The poet grinned and began walking. “I see you’ve found another copy of my book. Is that for the library?”

“Yes.” Jasfoup passed it to him. “How many is that?”

“Twenty-seven,” said Frederick. “I feel so sorry for them, cast adrift upon an uncaring world like heroes after the deed is done.”

Jasfoup nodded. “Damned heroes,” he said, opening the door to the café. “Mocha latté?”

“A what?” Frederick frowned. “I’ll have a cup of tea, same as you.”


aims said...

Let's do the time warp again!

It's just a step to the left....

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