Tuesday, September 30, 2008


“So what is that, exactly?” asked Harold, staring at the little green man. “He doesn’t look very friendly.”

“It’s a dryad,” said Jasfoup quietly, pulling him away step by silent step. “A warrior of the Faery King.”

“What does it want with us?” Harold continued staring as the demon pulled him away. “I’ve seen statues and wall plaques of him. He’s supposed to be the King of the Forest, isn’t he?”

“From the king, yes.” Jasfoup squatted at a safe distance. “People see dryad and only half remember, so the folklore gets confused and paints them as the Oak Lord instead. As for what he wants, it’s mating time for the Fae. I expect the king has sent him to kidnap you.”

“What?” Harold exclaimed. “The Faery king wants to mate with me?”

“Don’t be silly, Harold. He want’s you as leverage against the Fae Queen.”

“Oh, right.”

Jasfoup grinned. “You sound disappointed.”


aims said...

ooooh! lovely pic!

Jasfoup surprises me here. I didn't think he was afraid of anything. Is it just that he is protecting dear Harold - or can he not go head to head with the warrior?

Did I already mention that's a lovely pic?

Leatherdykeuk said...

He's protecting Harold here.

It is rather a good pic. I can't remember where it came from *cough*