Monday, September 22, 2008

Faery Dues

Laverstone Manor is, for the early part of the morning, in the shadow of the mountain. Much as that phrase is romantic, the mountain in question is only a mountain by reputation, not by scientific measure. Blue Fairy Mountain stands only 397 feet and is a modern corruption of the name ‘Blue Fae Mound’ and refers to the night of the blue moon, every 2 ½ years, when the Faery Queen demands her due (so the legend goes) from the townsfolk.

The shadow is both literal and metaphorical, for only the denizens of the town, those blessed (or cursed) by living in the supernatural realm, know that the Faeries’ dues are all too real.

Laverstone Manor traditionally bears the brunt of the payments.


aims said...

Well now - this sounds a - tad - ominous! What fun (for me)!

DJ Kirkby said...

It isn't Oct yet!