Sunday, October 26, 2008

In the Dog House

When Lucy was four she went missing. Most parents would have their hearts in their mouths if their child went missing, but Harold was beside himself. Beside the usual parental fears of traffic accidents and kidnapping, he had visions of her being taken by the goblins, eaten by wolves – though Felicia was almost as frantic as he – or lost through a portal to unknown dimensions.

When she’d been missing for two hours he reluctantly called the police. Sergeant Mike Brandsford made reassuring noises and poked about in the outhouses with a torch. He returned to the kitchen a few minutes later with a broad smile on his face. “Is that your Doberman?” he asked.

Harold grimaced, wanting to say ‘No, it’s a Lucifer Hound actually,’ but instead he nodded politely. “That’s right,” he said. “We have a permit…”

“It’s not that, sir, it’s that the dog won’t let me past. I think you’ll find your little lass curled up at the back of his kennel, fast asleep.”

Based on a real life experience of Shullie, who did the same as Lucy


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Very lovely indeed. How our animals love us....