Monday, October 27, 2008

Loss Leader

Jasfoup tapped his glass thoughtfully. “When you say ‘free of charge,’ he said, what exactly do you mean?

“Exactly that,” said Harold, pulling the bottle of Beaujolais from the ice bucket* to refill the glasses. “You offer people a satiated desire without any expectation of a signed contract in return.”

“Explain the point again,” said the demon. “It sounds to me like I’m satisfying desires for nothing. That seems like a lot of work for no gain.”

“Quite the opposite.” Harold sat back with a self-satisfied air and popped a piece of bourbon biscuit in his mouth. He chewed slowly and swallowed before elucidating. “How many people taking up the offer are going to be content with just the one experience? How many of them are going to come knocking on your summoning portal wanting a second bite of the cherry?”

“You have a point,” said Jasfoup. “This is like when we were in Asda and that lady gave you a free piece of cheese. You ended up buying a whole wheel.”

“Exactly,” said Harold. “But the best part is the one who don’t come back for more.”


“They’ve trafficked with demons anyway.”

Jasfoup whistled. “Sweeeeeeet,” he said. “You’re not a pretty face at all.”

Illustration from Magic the Gathering card game


aims said...

Well - that's been said many a time about Harold before hasn't it....ahem....farty poo face comes to mind.

Leatherdykeuk said...

He's very attractive, really - remember he's Lucifer's son, and lucifer was the fairest of angels