Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yellow Jack

Harold answered the phone and listened to the jabbering for several minutes, “I know you can see it from the town,” he said. “That’s rather the point, isn’t it? There’s nu use declaring a quarantine if no-one knows you’re in quarantine.”

He listened again and frowned. “I didn’t know it was an offence, actually. It was in my book of maritime lore.”

He nodded. “No, Sergeant Peters, I don’t wish to incur a fine of not less than seven shillings or fourteen lashes. I’ll remove the Yellow Jack from the flagpole.”

He was about to put the phone down when the sergeant asked him something else. he put it back to his ear and summoned his iciest tone. “Lucy might only have a cold now,” he said, “but it other people give her germs it will surely get worse, and that goes for your lad Goob as well.”


aims said...

Oh Oh!

Don't mess with Harold - and don't whatever you do - mess with Lucy!

martha said...

How old - in practical terms is Lucy here? She's already attracting boys? Oh dearey me..............

Leatherdykeuk said...

Se's probably about 12 or 13 here.

I'm jumping about with Lucy, because I can't wait 14 real years for her to grow up.