Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Joy Ride

“But Officer…”

“I’m sorry, sir, but you were well over the speed limit for this flight path. I’m going to have to suspend your license.”

“But… doesn’t there have to be a court conviction for that to happen?”

“Not in this case, sir. It is quite clear that you’re over the limit for alcohol consumption, too.”

“It was only a glass of port… and every house for the last seven hundred miles… but I can hold my liquor.”

“Nevertheless… Blow into this, please?”

“What seems to be the trouble, officer?”

PC Gloop Brandsford winced at the sound of the newcomer’s voice. They’d warned him about this at Cadet College. What to do when your girlfriend’s father interferes.

“No trouble, Mr. Waterman. I was just about to arrest this gentleman for doing Mach 3 in a 20 MPH zone.”

“I see.” Harold waterman consulted with his business partner Mr. Jasfoup. “Well carry on then,” he said. “We’ll wait for the towing vehicle if you like.”

“Would you sir? That’s kind of you. I should watch out for the reindeer, though. Vicious beasts if you ask me.”

“Indeed.” Harold ran his fingers over the curve of the sleigh. “We’ll take good care it it.”

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