Thursday, December 18, 2008

No to Age Banding on sweeties

“You shouldn’t have employed him,” said Jasfoup. “He’s a madman.”

“Laurence seemed all right to me,” said Harold. “Rather pleasant, in fact. He knew a lot about comics.”

“I like comics,” said Lucy. “Will he stock ‘Mandragora’ and ‘Phantasm’, do you think?”

“Aren’t you a bit young for those, darling? They’re adult rated and you’re only eight.”

“You said no to age banding,” said Lucy. “I’m expanding my vocabulary.”

“I’ll take your word for that.” Harold reached out and took one of her strawberry whips out of the bag. “This is… realistic…” he said. “They never made licorice whips in eight-plait when I was a child. What sweet shop did you buy it at?”

“Not a sweet shop, daddy. I got it at the Annie Winters store. I got jelly handcuffs, too but I gave them to Laurence downstairs.”

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stephanie said...

Yikes! Brilliant. :)