Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Tragic Death Of Santa Claus # 317.

Sergeant Brandsford knelt over the red-clad body and extracted the deceased’s driving license. “There’s something else.” he said. “A Father Christmas license. Number 317. He had a pitch outside the Amazon Nightclub on Friar Street.”

He stood up while Chambers, the coroner, examined him. “Any indication of cause of death?”

Chambers nodded. “A rade disease,” he said, “Fortunately not contagious. Had he been abroad at all?”

Brandsford flicked through the wallet. “There’re two expired tickets to Brazil,” he said.

Chambers nodded. “Just as I thought. He must have eaten the meat of the South American Rainforest Deer and had an allergic reaction, exacerbated by the warm winter clothing. I’ve only ever seen it happen at this time of year.”

“Why? What did he die of?”

“Jungle Balls.”

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stephanie said...

*laughs* Brilliant!