Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Grub's Up

There was a distinct disadvantage to the use of colloquial English, thought Harold as he sat in the snug at the ‘Bushman’s Rest’ Australian-style public house. He’d been attracted by the sign outside: “Authentic Aussie Hot Grub” and had ordered accordingly, scoffing at Jasfoup’s more cautious “rare fillet steak with hot pepper and blue cheese sauce’ but in retrospect the demon had been right to be cautious.

“That steak looks good,” he said. “Are you really going to eat it all?”

The demon nodded, swallowing a piece of pink meat smothered in sauce before replying. “I’ve warned you before about meaning what you say,” he said. “Now tuck in. Those witchetty grubs look tasty.”


stephanie said...

Ugh! *laughs* Not so much with the "Poor Harold" today. I believe he got what he asked for!

Leatherdykeuk said...

He did rather!