Friday, January 30, 2009


“What do you mean, Delirious has spawned,” said Harold. “Spawned what?”

“A child. Children. Implings.” Jasfoup was as close as Harold had ever seen him to biting his own nails. “This is a disaster.”

“On the contrary,” said Harold. “Since Devious in indentured to me for life, so are his offspring. I wrote that into the contract at the cost of a large slice of Ada’s fudge cake.”

“Really?” Jasfoup frowned. “I’ll have to check my copy, but I think you’ll find it doesn’t extend to the next generation.”

“It does,” said Harold, with what Jasfoup considered to be a very smug grin. “I made sure it was valid to the Final Frontier.”


aims said...

Wait - wait - was it Delirious or Devious that spawned?

Leatherdykeuk said...

Delirious. That makes the impling Devious' grandimp.

aims said...

I swear - I don't know where my brains are today. I really need to just curl up with my blue-covered book until I'm finished. Now that would make me very happy indeed and might keep me from saying dumb things. No guarantees on that - just a might.