Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Old Wives' Tales

It is an old Romanian folklore that a vampire cannot stand chaos. One of the best armaments a man can have against these savage creatures of the night is a bag of grain, be it wheat or rice, or even poppy seeds. The lore is that a vampire will stop to count whatever has been spilled.

Harold used this to his advantage in the long, cold winter after Gillian left. Without her protection, he became the prey of ever vampire in England and three from America, all of them seeing to gain power from the blood of Cain. He took to spreading bird seed in the atrium, the most accessible point of the Manor and generally unlocked. It also had electric fans on timers that would cause a re-count every ten minutes.

It was unfortunate for his predators that the atrium faced an uninterrupted eastern horizon.

And a whole bank of UV lamps.

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