Monday, February 23, 2009

Thinking Sideways

Adam squinted into the hole. “It’s stuck,” he said. “It’s squeezed itself into the hole, tried to turn around and now it can’t go forwards or backwards.”

“Can you actually see it?” said God.

“Yes.” Adam reached into the hole. “If I can catch hold of its legs I can… Ow!” Adam pulled his hand out and sucked at it.

“What happened?”

“The little b— chappie bit me. That’s it.” He stood up. “The only way that’s going to come out of that hole is sideways. I’ve had enough of trying to rescue it.”

“Fair enough.” God concentrated and the creature scuttled out.

Adam watched it dig a hole under the next rock. “What’s that called again?”

“Crab,” said God, “but you can’t eat it.”


aims said...

Well - not without boiling the bigger ones anyway!

Leatherdykeuk said...

According to the bible all crustaceans are abomination.

aims said...

Really?! I didn't know that! And lobster and crab - such overpriced delicacies.