Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Wicked Night

“Reverend?” Mary Clements tapped him on the shoulder. “Which is higher? A flush or a straight?”

“A straight, Mrs. Clements, but please call me Peter. I’m off duty after all.”

“I would hope so, given the circumstances.” said Mary. She leaned in close, one hand on his arm. “You can call me Mary.”

“God doesn’t mind a bit of gambling, Mrs. er… Mary,” said Reverend Dodgson. “It’s the love of money he condemns, not the entertainment and raising of church funds.”

“Are you sure?” said Mary, her face so creased with uncertainty that her foundation was cracking. “I thought it was a sin.”

“Avarice is a sin, Mary, not the few pennies you’re about to win off poor Mr. Wright.

“Pennies?” Mary laughed. “Two hundred quid, more like.” She returned to the table, leaving the Reverend Dodgson perplexed.

“I think you’ll find she’s a ringer,” said Jasfoup, offering him a cup of tea. “But then, Bishop Mackenzie never ran a casino evening in the Church Hall.”

“Oh dear!” Peter took a sip of the lukewarm tea. “Will the bishop not approve, do you think?”

“He be fine, Reverend.” Jasfoup smiled. “It’s a wicked night, if you don’t mind me saying.”


aims said...

Sad to say I closed the back cover of your book last night about 3am my dear friend.

However - I was happy to note my satisfaction with it all and the fact that it looked like it wouldn't be the one and only.

Jasfoup is going to need a new pair of woolie undies for the next one though!

Leatherdykeuk said...

I've actually written another five -- I just need an agent.

martha said...

That's definitely NOT a Methodist Church. My old minister would be rolling over in his grave. He didn't even serve real wine for communion because there was alcohol in it.
Brava! Great fun.

Leatherdykeuk said...

St Jude's is Anglican and has always been a little lax ;)

BT said...

lol, St Jude, 'saint of sinners'? I think it's a fine way of raising money. Good old Peter.

Leatherdykeuk said...

He did well on the night :)