Sunday, July 26, 2009

Find the Lady

Frederick celebrated his sixty-second birthday for the fifth time. Not that there was any cake -- or presents* -- but there was a perpetual cup of tea and the love and best wishes of his family. He and Molly had become close over the last year or two and he tapped his teacup to make an announcement. "Molly and I are getting married," he said.

The others congratulated him. Only Harold had reservations. "Uncle," he said, "I'm very happy for you but how exactly are you going to manage that?"

"Simple," said Frederick. "We just have to put her bones in with mine, once we find out where she was buried."

"I didn't mean that," said Harold. "I meant the age difference. You're sixty-two and she's what... five hundred?"

Image: Ghost Files: The Haunting Truth


stephanie said...

Surely after a certain age, the difference no longer matters. Now, if we can only determine what that is. 50? 55? ...

Leatherdykeuk said...

I think it's "responsible", whatever age that happens to be.