Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pine View Road

Pine View Road held a lot of bad memories for Valerie. The orphanage was crumbling now but it had been her whole world once; self-contained and often compared unfavourably with a prison. At least the inmates in the latter were allowed visitors – nobody ever visited the orphanage.

Valerie had learned much from the Sisters of Twilight. The classics of world literature, the intricacies of particle physics and non-linear mathematics; the nuances of French, German, Russian and half-a-dozen others and how to kill a man so swiftly he didn’t know he was dead.

When she was old enough to leave they offered her a job. “Only the top 10% of students are asked to stay,” they said, “and only one in a thousand is trained as a Sister-assassin.”

Becoming a Bride of Christ brought some interesting revelations. Far beyond the outward message of Love and Tolerance, what her new husband actually desired was the redemption of large numbers of non-believers, a task she had been trained to perform. The Love of Christ was offered every time she redeemed a soul; five millilitres for each fatal cut of her knives.

Valerie had left a lot of ghosts behind when she finally left, and most of them were buried in the grounds of 1, Pine View Road.

Image: The Assassin [1993]


aims said...

Sisters of Twilight hmmm?

Very interesting profession.

Leatherdykeuk said...

I detail Valerie in book 3 'Dead Line'