Friday, July 17, 2009

Tourist Guide

Meinwen browsed the travel guides in Harold’s shop and WH Smiths for several weeks, looking for the perfect template for her tourist’s guide to Laverstone. Finally, one dusty afternoon, she came upon an old box of goods she half-recognised. “Hey!” she said to Harold. “This box belongs to me.”

“It does if you give me fifty pounds,” said Harold, wearing his ‘bored’ expression (‘interested’ was at the cleaners). “I’ve had that box so long I don’t remember packing it.”

“You didn’t pack it,” said Meinwen. “This is my stuff. I thought we’d lost it off the van when I moved here from ‘Dovey.

“And so you did,” said Harold. “I bought it off a dwarf.”

“But this is my old copy of the Laverstone Tourist’s Guide. I read this cover to cover before I ever saw the town.

“Very well,” said Harold. “You can have it…”

“Thank you!”

“…for a fiver.”

Image: Somewhere Special


stephanie said...

So Meinwen shall write the Guide? Excellent.

But Harold should be ashamed, though he won't be. :)

Leatherdykeuk said...

She does.

At the start of 'Screaming Yellow' she holds the guide itself 'By Meinwen Jones' and denies writing it. Five years later she does.

aims said...

Glad to see it is getting written - I'm assuming it MUST be written so one doesn't get lost huh?

Harold! Really! Where's my WD40? You're squeaking can be heard over here.

Leatherdykeuk said...

She has the easier task -- I have to draw it!