Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bellend and Grommet

Bellend and Grommet’s auction house on Filter Street* hols a semi-public auction every Thursday. Semi-public, because although it's open to all comers you have to have an account with them before you're allowed to bid on anything. It takes up to 28 days to set up an account, since they insist on checking credit records, but for a small fee and the cash up front a member of the public can request one of the sales assistants to bid on their behalf.

Three weeks ago there was a haunted doll's house for sale, though it wasn't advertised as such:

Wooden Doll’s House. C1930
Hand made by Frederick Glossop, this was in the Prestly family until 2004. It is now unexpectedly back on the market after the death of its present owner. Proceeds of the sale to be donated to Laverstone Women’s Institute.

I spotted three souls trapped inside it. The nasty little toy was designed as a soul trap, which explains why the poor Prestly family lost three children between 1934 and 1996. You couldn't pay me to take the damned thing.

Such a pity Harold bought it for £85.00

*Originally Philtre Street, since it was the province of the doctor and apothecary in the eighteenth century, the name was altered by common parlance in the mid twentieth century when oil filters were more common than potions Filter Street information from HERE



stephanie said...

I love this bit, though I still think Harold was meant to buy it (so Jasfoup could effect a lifting of the curse).

Leatherdykeuk said...

That buys into the the whole predestination theory!

aims said...

Yes - but does the auction house do cheeses?

Remember that old mansion in New Orleans - same thing. Wanted $50,000 USD up front to bid on the thing. Right up and out of my league that was...

Leatherdykeuk said...

Only old cheeses.

Auctions suck, sometimes.