Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Not in Service

Ada narrowed her eyes at the bus. An hour and ten minutes she's waited at the bus stop and the only bus to appear had a blacked-out destination window. CHARTERED – NOT IN SERVICE proclaimed the yellow letters. She held out her cane anyway and would have been splashed as it passed had the driver not seen the very image of his own, long-dead mother standing at the side of the street.

He pulled to the side, stopped and opened the doors. "Come away in," he said to the dear old lady. "Where are you off to?"

"Home," she said, climbing aboard, "but don't worry, you can drop me at the end of the street."

Image: On the Buses - The Complete Series [Repackaged] [11dvd]


aims said...

Ah - she can do that can she? How interesting.

stephanie said...

Quite lovely actually.

Leatherdykeuk said...

She's accomplished at glamours.

Thank you