Thursday, August 13, 2009

Orbital Heaven

"Where's Heaven, exactly?" asked Harold over cocoa. "I mean, I know where Hell is, sort of. It's a pocket universe on the inside of the earth's crust."

"Is it?" Jasfoup frowned. "Not in my pocket it's not. I mean, I do have some pretty big pockets at times but even I've never had one big enough to contain the whole of Hell. Remember that Hell contains many of the afterlives of other cultures, too. Tartarus, for example, and Sheol."

"That's the beauty of pocket universes," said Harold. "They can contain infinity and yet still be no bigger than a ping-pong ball."

"You've been reading too much science fiction," said Jasfoup. "Where do you think Heaven is?"

"Up?" said Harold. "In orbit, perhaps, like the moon and Sputnik 3."

"And how do you think He would cope with all the rubbish you mortals send into space?" Jasfoup said. "Heaven is just as likely to be another of your pocket universes, and according to Dante, one accessed from the centre of Hell."

"That would make sense," said Harold. "An infinity of universes, all stacked inside each other like Russian dolls."

"I suppose." Jasfoup shrugged. "but which one is Disneyland inside?"

Image: Urge by Pocket Universe (MP3)


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