Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saving Lives (for later use)

St. Pity's Hospital prides itself on being a modern environment. Privately funded by the church and donations from charitable sources, it has a staff of four doctors, three surgeons and seventeen nurses and auxiliary staff. Converted from the Old Trencher House in 1916 to serve as a rehabilitation centre for soldiers injured in the Great War, it became a full hospital in 1953.

The house and grounds of Birch House next door were bought and converted to use as a sanatorium in 1932. It is now considered to be one of the county's finest establishments for psychiatric care.

It is rumoured to be a centre of paranormal activity and has a number of notable spirits, including the ghost of a former nurse the residents refer to as 'Lady Pity' and a deceased Colonel they refer to as 'The General'.

There is a small cemetery in the extensive grounds.

Image taken from the book 'Laverstone for Laymen'


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