Saturday, August 01, 2009

Who Shot Whom?

The Greenway Building on Applegate has been vacant since 1978. The upkeep of the building is provided for by the Greenway Trust but despite its prime position in town no occupier has managed more than a few months of residence.

Built in 1934, the Greenway building was home to the Greenway jewellers with an underground vault and three stories of accommodation culminating in a clocktower and belfry. The Greenways lived here from its opening in 1935 until the tragic demise of the two surviving brothers, Cecil and Jonathan, in 1977. Both brothers, children of the late George and Cecilia Greenway, were found in the locked vault, both killed with a single shot from the bullet in the other's pistol. No jewellery was missing and the door's timelock had not been tampered with.

The mystery of the Greenway Brothers was the subject of a play penned by the then lord of the manor, Frederick Waterman, and ran for eleven weeks in the Laverstone Crucible. Copies of the play are generally regarded as collector's items, but Alexandrian Gold often has a copy available for inspection. The play was closed subject to a court order when the estate of the late Jonathan Greenway became aware of the shock ending of the play.

When interviewed, Mr. Waterman declared there was no intention on his part to harm the reputation of the Greenway Family, and his fanciful account of the deaths of the brothers had more to do with his imagination than any hint of necromancy in the Greenway Family Archives,

Nevertheless, the greenway Building remains a popular site for thos on the Laverstone Ghost Tour, every Friday Evening at 7:00 PM, May to September. Meet at the 'Goddess Provides' on Knifegate.

Image: Sheffield: Pevsner City Guide


stephanie said...

Poor Frederick. Always shut down in some way before his prime. I bet it was a good play, too. Perhaps I shall have to take the tour one day.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Nah. It's a waste of money.

aims said...

So - a waste of money - then no shots ring out in the ghostly night? No slamming of a vault door are heard? No ghostly accusations float on the misty air?


I'll keep my money in my pocket.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Anything can be arranged ;)