Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

There were times, Jasfoup thought, when he really wanted to peel back the mist of time and find out what really happened to historical figures. For example, despite being of first name terms with Billy Shakespeare, the old bard had conscientiously failed to reveal why his style of writing changed so radically in 1593, the year Marlowe was murdered in a bar-room brawl in Deptford by three people who were all spies of Walsingham, the Queen's privy councillor.

Harold clicked his fingers in front of the demon. "Jasfoup old bean! You were miles away. Penny for your thoughts?"

Jasfoup shook his head to clear the fog, dislodging the imp that had just answered Harold's accidental summons. "Not sure they're worth that little," he said. "After our chat about the play Faustus I was wondering why Marlowe died."

"Over a bar bill wasn't it?" said Harold.

"A bar bill contested by three people known to be spies for the Queen," said Jasfoup. "Curious, don't you think?"

Image: The Mammoth Book of Cover-ups (Mammoth Book of)


stephanie said...

Oh, I do hope J's putting on his sleuthing cap... or at least lending it to one of the imps.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Sleuthing? He'll go back and ask!

aims said...

Curious indeed!

If he's going back to ask - I was wondering......uh....no - never mind. Best not to know.

Olga/Maddie said...

The plot is thickening! *BG*

Hugs, lovies, and stuffs for you all. *HG*

God bless and take care. Bye, :)!