Monday, October 05, 2009

Conspiracy, A to Z

A is for Alpha

Christopher paused, frowning. What made him write that? He consulted the new chapbook he'd been sent from Nuremberg, the Historia von D. Johann Fausten and found the phrase tucked inside a block of text of page eleven. He must not have noticed when reading, leaving it lodged in his brain until it flowed through his pen back into the world.

How curious.

He tried again, pulling a fresh piece of parchment onto his blotter and recharging his quill. She who is must guard against he who comes, for there will be much death in the House of Zion. Again he flipped though the chapbook and found the words on page seventeen, forming the initial word of each line.

"Tom!" he called. "Come and look at this."

Thomas Kyd trooped in from the kitchen carrying a tankard of water and a fistful of cheese cut from the landlady's block. Marlowe frowned at the petty theft. Mrs. Tinsdale would be livid about the missing portion and once again it would be up to him to calm her.

"Curious," said Tom. "A code, almost. What does it mean?"

"'She who is' must be Her Majesty," said Christopher, excited, "though who 'He who comes' might be is anybody's guess. the 'House of Zion' must mean the Church."

"You must take this to Walsingham." Tom's breath stank of slightly mouldy cheddar. "He would be likely to reward you for such information."

"Aye." Marlowe grinned. "I'll save the Queen or die trying."

being an excerpte from the tale of Jasfoup the Demone and hise involvemente in thee affaire of Marlowe and Shakespeare


aims said...

Well done! I really like it.

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Thank you :)

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I rather suspect he will!

Nicely done. :) More please.

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Indeed! One or the other.

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I definitely like. *GG*

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