Monday, October 26, 2009

The End of A Perfect Circle

Harold cried as he watched The Rapture at the end of time, where the worlds 135 most pious men rose to Heaven, leaving the women behind. Moments later, Heaven crumbled, falling through the firmament to shatter on the earth below. Great cracks appeared in the crust, allowing the denizens of Hell to escape and lament the passing of all songs.

Only a few scant minutes later the universe tore and folded, the light flowing into the darkness and leaving nothing but the wailing of creation.

"Take me back to the start," he said, dabbing at his cheeks with a piece of white lace. "After all that destruction I need to see the beginnings of the world."

Asmodius frowned. "That's a little difficult," he said. "The beginning of the universe is a restricted area for those of a Judeo-Christian background. I could show you the edited highlights."

Harold tucked away his handkerchief, his interest piqued. "What are they?"

"The Six Days of Creation," said the angel. "Quite spectacular, in my opinion, with the possible exception of the division of light from dark which looks a bit like gravy separating."

"Excellent. What parts are missing then, if all six days are viewable?"

"The billions of years between each one." Asmodius shrugged. "You can't have it all ways. You should have gone to the Atheists club and asked for the Big Bang tour."

"Would I have got the full version then?"

"No, but you could have watched it all from a strip club."


stephanie said...

*claps* Utterly brilliant.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you!

aims said...

"Joining in with Stephanie"

Take a bow girl.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you Aims!