Saturday, October 10, 2009

With Wings

"I want a theatre like that," said Marlowe, gazing at the model. "Though if I were the architect, I would design it with wings."

"They've not yet appointed a designer," said Vittore Jasfoup. "As I said, this is just a mock of what it could be like."

"Why are you showing us this?" asked Grayson. "You're wasting our time with all this dilly dallying about playhouses that may or may not get built in the future. We have a performance to rehearse."

"Indeed you do." Vittore smiled. "I shall watch from the wings, if you don't mind. You might say I have a vested interest in this play."

"You say you're an editor?" said Marlowe. "By any chance do you act as well? We find ourselves short of an actor to play Mephistopheles."

"I could give it a try," said the odd man. "But I'm not sure I can mimic his voice. It's terribly squeaky, you know."

Image: Sir Henry Irving as Mephistopheles


Olga/Maddie said...

Vittore Jasfoup?

I like it! *big smile*

Hugs, lovies, and stuffs for you all. *HG*

God bless and take care. Bye, :)!

aims said...

He's really going to have them wondering soon.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Not for long - I foresee a contract...

stephanie said...

Ha ha ha! Excellent! Of course, he would know.