Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don't Step on Them

Harrington Smythe-Coldbury, the Mayor of Laverstone*, was put out by Harold's apparently ostentatious display of wealth when he was asked to give a lecture on the re-opening of Laverstone's Guild of Merchants and Artisans. "The damned** man is wearing white-suede shoes," he said sotto-voce to his wife. "What a disgusting display of his wealth. You can only wear them once before they're ruined."

"Don't be such a prick," his wife whispered back. "He's got a baby, hasn't he?"


"That's not white suede, it's milk vomit."

*a title Harold coveted but couldn't yet justify attempting to achieve. His six hours a week of voluntary work with the council was already getting on his nerves.

**if only he knew how literally correct he was.


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Oh ick! hehehehehe

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