Saturday, December 12, 2009

Company Party

The company party wasn't as much fun as Harold had anticipated. Nobody wanted to play 'Stick the tail on the donkey' despite the amount he'd had to pay to hire it – it had messed in the kitchen and eaten half a shelf of Mills & Boon, too. Jasfoup had dashed off to collect a soul from a chap in the market who'd died with a ruptured spleen after Santa's reindeer had kicked him and Julie was too occupied with an Ugarit tablet she'd brought back with her from Syria.

Only the imps seemed to be enjoying themselves. Devious was working through the buffet one plate at a time; Delirious was draining the drinks table and John was playing pin the tail on... Oh no he wasn't.

Harold looked away. Didn't he have some accounts that needed attention?


stephanie said...

Oops! Coffee spill on that one!

I'm sure Harold will think of something for them to do!

aims said...

*laughing - sans coffee*

Leatherdykeuk said...

one out of two then ;)