Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black Thoughts

"What's wrong with him?" Lucifer gazed through the small window at their guest. Despite his room being the best they had to offer, he had eschewed the silk sheets and eiderdown quilt in favour of the hard floor between the washbasin and the wall. his knees were drawn up to his chest and his arms wrapped over his head. He rocked forward and back, forward and back.

"I don't know, my lord. He's been doing that for hours." Belial bit his lip. "He's refused the food you sent."

Lucifer went inside and approached the man, stopping just close enough to reach out and touch him on the knee. "Iesua," he said. "What is wrong with you?"

The rabbi's looked up, his hollow eyes displaying all the torture he'd suffered and the hands of his persecutors. "Such black thoughts, Lucifer," he said. "I have such black thoughts."

"Be calm." Lucifer coaxed him forward and held the sweat-damp head to his chest. "What black thoughts, Rabbi?"

"I want to burst out and slaughter them all." Iesua sprayed saliva, his outburst was so venomous. "The priests, the Romans, the guards... even those who wept at my feet but would not get me down."

"And what good would that do?" Lucifer kissed away the tears. "All your teachings would be undone."

"I know." Iesua looked into the Fallen's eyes. "How do you do it? How do you keep the rage inside?"

"I have no need of rage." Lucifer stood, holding out a hand to help his guest rise. "Come. Let me show you what evil the mortals do in Your name."


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Thank you. I always see Iesua as tragic.

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Very interesting and yes - beautifully done.

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Thank you :)