Thursday, February 11, 2010

Madame le Pardo

Madame le Pardo offered tea-leaf fortunes from a little tent outside the cricket pavilion and for an undisclosed sum (it was illegal to tell fortunes for money but you were encouraged to give a gift) she would tell your future. Her method differed from the carnival lot, for in addition to the customary wet leaves she would prick your thumb with a needle and squeeze out three drops of rich, red life. He predictions would then be frighteningly detailed. "You'll meet a fair headed man with a parcel at three o'clock on Tuesday afternoon and he'll steal your purse while saving you from drowning," she might say, or "There's no use in intercepting the post in the morning; you husband has a post office box in town and his mistress writes to him there." She's always spot-on but rarely gets repeat custom. Telling the truth is her curse.


stephanie said...

She is a marvellous character! (Wish she were mine.)

Leatherdykeuk said...

High Praise indeed! Thank you.