Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mode, Median, Nasty

Harold looked at his dinner. A sliver of chicken breast formed a crescent two inches from tip to tip and encompassed a circle of carrot and three peas arranged in an ellipses. He glanced at Julie . "How's the new cook working out?"

"Exquisite." Julie sliced her piece of carrot into four, the better to savour the piquant taste. "A lot better than the last one, anyway. All he ever served was instant mashed potato and hot dog sausages from a can."

"There was plenty of it, though." Harold stabbed his dinner. The whole plateful didn't quite fill the fork.

" Perhaps we ought to combine the two," said Jasfoup. "Mix their souls into one average cook where the food tastes okay and is plentiful."

"One mean cook?" said Harold. "We could just eat at Bernard's."


stephanie said...

Oh! This is delightful. By all means, let's have a dinner out at Bernard's tonight. It sounds perfect. Plenty for everyone and not bad on the palate either.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Gods no! I wouldn't ever dare eat at Bernards! Be eaten, perhaps