Monday, February 01, 2010

A Shelter from the Storm

The bus stop on has been out of use for the last five years, ever since the Laverstone Municipal Bus Company was snapped up in a corporate buy-out by Berkshire Buses, who promptly axed seven of the eleven routes. Despite the lack of an actual sign, the shelter still sees a good amount of use. It acts as a goal for the local lads playing football (or hockey, skate hockey or British Bulldog) with the street as a pitch, a meeting point for teenage youths to share their beer and cigarettes and, in desperate need, a shelter from the prying eyes of Andrea Naseby's mum.

"Is she still there?" Andrea huddled in the left corner, where a missing pane of glass had been replaced by a sheet of corrugated iron sporting the grammatically incorrect 'Mr Smailes suck cocks" (and prompting Andres to perform her first and last act of vandalism – that of adding an 's').

"Aye, with a right face on 'er an' all." Gary Trubshaw had skipped school so often the police were tempted to buy him a rope. "Mornin' Mrs. Naseby."

"Don't you mornin' me!" Angelina Naseby had a voice to match her name, in that it heralded doom. "Have you seen our Andrea?"

"Not since yesterday, Missus." Gary held up a cigarette. "Got a light?"

"I don't smoke, and neither should you. It'll stunt your growth."

"Too late for that." Gary watched her head off down the street, slippers flapping. "I'm six foot two."


aims said...

Her first and last? Hmmmm........I'm wondering why.

Leatherdykeuk said...

I honestly don't know that bit!

stephanie said...

First and last because she's a Mary Sue at heart?

I never think of Laverstone as having delinquents (the run of the mill sort).

Leatherdykeuk said...

Oh there are!
Harold was bullied at school and some of the girls at Lucy's school will grow up bad.