Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Visitor from Overseas

Beryl looked over her glasses at the gentleman in front of her. "Sir," she began. "I don't know you and I have to say I don't with to know you. By all means take your money back and go."

"But why?" said her customer. "What have you seen in the cards that frightens you so?"

"It's not so much as what I can see in the cards as the cards themselves. I started off with the standard Marseilles tarot, of which the first card you picked our war the quinze: le Diable but the second card is from the Italian deck, quindici: il Diavolo."

The man shrugged. "So?"

"It is the third card I find so disturbing." Madame de Pardo tapped it with her finger. "It represents a continental shift I am loathe to explore."

"What is it though?" The man's eyes glinted in the light from her crystal ball. "What scares you so much you'd forego my coin?"

Beryl tapped the card again. It showed a dog dancing under a full moon, several human heads dangling by their hair from his paws. "This is a card from a deck printed in America in 1840, quince: el chacal." She sat back. "I don't own any American cards."


stephanie said...

That would be disturbing! I think I'd ask him to leave, too.

Leatherdykeuk said...

She should! Very soon.