Sunday, February 21, 2010


"What's that?" Jasfoup pointed to a small box with several wires dangling off it that a man in red overalls was screwing to the wall of the kitchen.

"Its a broadband wireless signal amplifier," said Harold. "Julie was complaining that her laptop had a tentative connection to the house network at best and was more of a light fingering than a handshake."

Jasfoup winced at the electrician's sudden snort of laughter. "I'd take a close look at you metaphor usage if I were you, Harold," he said. "Besides," he lowered his voice, "the magical field damps out communication. That's why we had a similar problem downstairs."

"Your wireless internet is poor down there as well?"

"Of course. It annoys people no end when they can't connect to facebook any more."

"How did you fix it? Did you use a signal booster?"

"No, we just used extra-long aerials."

"Where? On the laptops?

"No." Jasfoup grinned. "Up where the sun doesn't shine."


stephanie said...

Ah! You got coffee on that one! I adore dense Harold.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you! Poor Harold!