Monday, March 15, 2010

The Death of Abasi

Mummified Monkey Hybrid, c2500 BC

Not a monkey hybrid at all but an imp, tortured to death.

That's not what it said on the little plaque but Jasfoup knew. He remembered the fellow from his early days in Egypt, when he was still an apprentice demon and was being shown the ropes by Belphegor. Part of your apprenticeship in those days was to serve time in the Seven Kingdoms – Egypt, Greece, Rome, Peru, Byzantium, China and Dulwich.

You had to learn to be a demon the hard way in the old days. None of these teach yourself books and videos like the modern demons had. When Jasfoup learned his trade it was from the best. Ashtaroth had taught him the basics of Egyptology and the concept of bargaining and then whisked him off to 2500 BC quick as you liked.

Abasi had been an imp serving Menkaura in those days. His crime had been to warn the pharaoh of an assassin, so that the young king neatly circumvented to prophesy of the oracle at Buto that had predicted he would only rule six years. As vengeance the Egyptian gods took his daughter and hid her from him inside the wooden carving of a bull.

She died, of course, much to the distress of both Menkaura and Abasi. The pharaoh had the imp interred inside another coffin with a ring of wards to prevent him opening the gate. The imp lasted another five years untilhis master was successfully assassinated by the soldiers of the One God. Abasi died with the screams of Menkaura ringing in his ears.

Then in1837 Richard Vyse excavated him from his master's pyramid ay Gisa and put him on display in the British Museum.

There's justice for you.


aims said...

Justice indeed!

Ummm.....Dulwich Kingdom??

Leatherdykeuk said...

Dulwich -- a la H P Lovecraft

stephanie said...

Gosh. Superb bit of history, Rachel.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thanks Steph. A little research but not much.