Thursday, May 20, 2010


The Downstairs Gallery, established in 2004 when Harold offered it at a reduced rent to the out-of-work gallery director Felicia Turling, generally plays host to three small exhibitions every month, with one week of each five-week period being reserved for taking down one show and putting up the next. Thus the gallery has only two exhibitions running for three weeks out of every four. Gallery One, the largest space at front-of-house, is generally filled with large two and three dimensional pieces while Gallery Two is reserved for watercolours and Gallery Three is kept as an intimate space for media presentations, avant-garde cinema and performance. In addition there are two rooms for use as teaching areas or meeting rooms for small groups.

It never fails to amuse Felicia that one of the rooms is rented long-term to Feminists Against Everything. Their rent is subsidised by the council and covers the rent for the whole of the rest of the building.


aims said...

Yes - I'd get a kick out of that too!

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DJ Kirkby said...

Very clever *makes note to self*