Saturday, May 29, 2010


Felicia watched the girl take a glass of wine from the tray and wander nonchalantly over to the sculpture Canis Erotica –a semi-supine Great Dane with the head, breasts and arms of a twenty-something hooker. It was supposed to be a comment on the pornography of advertisements but there was something about the way the girl touched the padded synthiskin that was pornographic in itself.

She made her way to Jasfoup, who was using the exhibition preview mixer to pass out business cards and collect signatures for a petition against petitions. She pulled him away from his latest mark, a middle aged woman with a bank balance larger than some countries. "Who's your friend?"

Jasfoup followed her gaze. Amanda, who looked fine under the minor glamour Julie had given her, had obviously been licking the sculptures.

She'd left her tongue behind.


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