Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Power Outage

"What's all this?" Julie entered a room filled with candles and a table set for an intimate meal.

"I thought I'd entertain you with an intimate dinner. Just the two of us." Jasfoup took her coat, draped it over one arm and pulled out a chair for her. "I've made some Hot Blood Soup and we'll follow with a main course of Rats baked in Blood Sauce. Very tasty, apparently."

"Sounds... lovely." Julie unrolled her napkin. "I'll try anything once."

"Excellent." Jasfoup placed a bowl of hot red liquid in front of her.

"Thanks. I love the candles, but why is the whole house dark?"

"Oh." Jasfoup flashed here a self-satisfied grin. "I wanted the lights off so I shorted the power to the whole village. We can feast on the misery as we eat."


Anonymous said...

the idea of feasting on misery made me smile....not sure that it should given it is a lovely morning and I'm off to Hornsea to collect some chalk stones from the beach to put in the mint garden I created yesterday.

have a nice day


Leatherdykeuk said...

Oh I'm envious! I get to the beack too rarely!

DJ Kirkby said...