Friday, May 21, 2010

St Marples'

St. Marples', in the centre of Laverstone Market, is a folly. You’d swear it was a church but it was never consecrated as one. It was build by Lord Caulder in 1859 when he was desperate to redeem his sins after contracting the ague in 1854, a relic of his sojourn in the Crimea. It was built without consent of the church, however, and when Lord Caulder presented it – as a fait accompli – the incumbent Bishop rejected it out of hand.

Now it houses the indoor antiques market (it used to be a second-hand market until programs like 'Boot Sale Antiques' and 'Cash in your Cellar' became popular) and the non-demoninational (the spelling was an intentional 'mistake') meeting rooms on the second floor. The tower is also home to several gargoyles and a colony of pipistrel bats.

It was sold in 2008 to Harold Waterman for the sum of £1, on condition he carry out renovations at his own expense.

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DJ Kirkby said...

Lucky Harold.