Monday, June 14, 2010

The Appointment

"Well, I said, I don't care where it's been before you still have to get it cleaned." Mandy collapsed into giggles, closely followed by Sharon who was generally a little slow when it came to innuendo. She looked up as a tall gentleman came through the door and walked to the desk. "Can I help you?"

"Indeed you can." The man's smile showed a set of teeth any orthodontist would weep over and the trace of a British accent made Mandy melt. She could feel the dampness. "I have a 3:45 appointment. I'm a minute early."

"I don't think so..." Mandy popped a boiled sweet in her mouth, a present from one of the clients. "Doctor Beatty is booked solidly with Mrs. Rose for the next half-hour." She looked up again and breathed in, the sweet lodging in her oesophagus and causing her to choke to death forty seconds later, prompting a bout of hysteria from Sharon.

Jasfoup leaned over and hauled Wendy's spirit from her body. "I didn't say the appointment was with Doctor Beatty, did I?"

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